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Grow with Be Your Awesome

I’m an experienced Intuitive Coach who helps my clients find their AWESOME and use it to be as happy, healthy, and successful as possible. Everyone I work with is ready to shine and I help them get out of their own way and step into their magic!

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Trusted Intuitive Coach

I'm a Certified Life Coach, Energy Healer, and intuition follower practicing since 2015. As an intuitive coach, I combine life coaching, energy healing, and intuition to help you get clear on your priorities and align through action to create the life you really want. Life Coaching provides the structure and momentum, Energy Healing easily removes resistance, and intuition guides us to live in alignment with your soul's desires.  We dig deep and skip through the bull, focusing on what's most important to YOU! Not you as a daughter, teammate, partner, friend, etc.; YOU as a mind, body, and SOUL.  We lift you up so you can shine for YOURSELF and create MAGIC!  If you are ready to get real with yourself and to start looking internally for what you've been looking externally for, let's chat. 

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