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My name is Alexis Maust, aka Coach Lex, founder of Be Your Awesome, LLC

Soul seeker, spirit lover, intuitive coach, light leader, energy healer, activator, cheerleader.  My favorite superpower is seeing other gifts and helping them ignite them.  My life has led me to grow this skillset and share it with others.  In 2008 I was guided to become a Certified Life Coach and I began my own healing journey.  In 2015 I was introduced to the power of Energy Healing and loved it so much I started my own training.  Here is where my coaching journey began.  As I saw so much growth in myself and my clients I started to see the power of combining life coaching, energy healing, and intuition.  We use life coaching to help you take action to go after what you want.  We combine this with energy healing to dig deep and get really clear on what you really want, easily removing resistance along the journey.   This work requires being tapped into your intuition, so we follow your SOUL's desires and let your logical mind support the magic your soul desires to create.  This work requires us to stop looking externally for what we need and to start looking inward.  We truly do have everything we need inside of us.  Ready to start looking? Reach out to set up a consultation. 

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